Review Policy

I read mainly using a kindle, so please could you ensure a kindle version is available or alternatively a paperback copy before submitting a review request. Thank you.

I'm happy to consider review requests in the following genres and their sub-genres:

Action & Adventure 
Crime & Mystery 
Science Fiction

I've always been a big fan of horror novels and more recently I've discovered a love of psychological thrillers. Requests in these two categories are particularly welcome.  

I don't accept Young Adult books unless from authors I've previously reviewed.

In addition to Barnsey's Books, my reviews are published publicly on: 

Amazon (UK) 
Amazon (US)
Barnes & Noble (US)
Waterstones (UK)

I publish 'My Top Rated Books' on Pinterest. 

I publish privately to my timeline and in various book groups on Facebook.

I'm happy to consider review requests from publishers, publicists and authors (including self-published authors). 

As much as I would like to, it would be impossible to accept every book submitted. Please don't feel offended if I decline a request - it's usually due to time constraints or considering myself unsuitable for your book's content or genre. After all, you want someone who enjoys your genre to review your book.

If I accept your request, I'll contact you by email within a maximum of 3 days. Unfortunately I'm unable to send emails for declined requests due, once again, to time constraints. Please accept my apologies. 

I don't share books with any third parties and I won't reveal plot twists or spoilers.

I don't accept payment for my reviews.

Reviews are my honest opinion.