Review Policy & Ratings

Due a backlog I am temporarily not accepting books from authors I haven't previously reviewed. As soon as the backlog clears I shall be up and running as normal once again. 
I am happy to consider review requests in the following categories:
  • Horror
  • Action & Adventure
  • Crime & Mystery
  • Science Fiction
  • Thriller
I don't review Young Adult books unless from authors I've previously worked with.

Where my reviews are published:

In addition to Barnsey's Books, my reviews will be published publicly on and (UK and US sites), Goodreads and Waterstones websites.

I post public links on my Twitter account to books I have reviewed on Goodreads. 

I publish privately on Facebook.

I publish 'My Top Rated Books' publicly on my Pinterest account.

I'm happy to consider review requests from publishers, publicists and authors (including self-published authors). Although review dates cannot be guaranteed, priority will be given to books I have accepted from these sources. 

Books are not shared with any third parties unless permission has been granted from the author or publisher. 

I will not reveal any plot twists or spoilers and I do not accept payment for my reviews.

Reviews are my honest opinion.

As much as I would like to, it would be impossible to accept every book submitted for review. Please don't be offended if I decline a request - it's usually due to time management issues or considering myself unsuitable for your book's content / genre.

Review copies are accepted in paperback, although my preference is for mobi files compatible with the Kindle. I also use Adobe Digital Editions and pdf files.

I use a simple ratings scale which is succinct and to the point.

💙💙💙💙💙 Excellent
💙💙💙💙 Enjoyable
💙💙💙 Good
💙💙 Ok
💙 Poor
👎 Disliked
👎👎 Avoid
👎👎👎 Awful

Please use my contact form to request a review.