Review Policy

Due to the length of my review list, I'm currently temporarily closed to accepting any further books at this point in time. As soon as I'm on top of the situation I shall be open as normal once again. Please come back and check.  

First and foremost, before submitting a book for review, may I respectfully ask that you view my review list to see how many books I currently have queued and if this works with your timescale.

I'm happy to consider review requests in the following categories:

Action & Adventure
Crime & Mystery
Science Fiction

I don't review Young Adult books unless from authors I've previously reviewed.

My reviews are published publicly on:

Barnsey's Books
Amazon (UK)
Amazon (US)
B&N (US)
Pinterest (my 'Top Rated Books' only)

I publish privately on Facebook

I'm happy to consider review requests from publishers, publicists and authors (including self-published authors). Although review dates cannot be guaranteed, priority will be given to books I have accepted from these sources. 

As much as I would like to, it would be impossible to accept every book submitted for review. Please don't feel offended if I decline a request - it's usually due to time constraints or considering myself unsuitable for your book's content or genre. After all, you want someone who enjoys your genre to review your book! 

If I accept your book, I'll contact you by email within 10 days. Unfortunately I'm unable to send emails for books I haven't accepted due, once again, to time constraints.  

Books are not shared with any third parties unless permission has been granted from the author or publisher. 

I will not reveal any plot twists or spoilers and I do not accept payment for my reviews.

Reviews are my honest opinion.  

Review copies are accepted in paperback, Kindle (mobi), epub and pdf formats. My preference is for mobi files (Kindle) and I'm more likely to accept your book if this is available.

Please use my contact form to request a review.